Ongoing Investment

As part of a wider investment plan for CTE Advanced Technologies, April sees the delivery of two new pieces of equipment; a laser marker and an industrial oven.

The laser marker will allow us to mark parts in a variety of ways enabling us to accommodate various customers’ requirements from simple part marking to more complex data matrix marking, among other types.

The added speed and flexibility of using a laser marker will improve efficiency within the workshop whilst standardising our marking process.

The industrial oven will also help us improve our efficiency within the workshop, primarily within the heat insulation department. By adding this piece of equipment and utilising it at various stages of the heat insulation process we can eliminate many of the time-consuming steps that take up the valuable time of our insulators.

The oven will also be utilised in various other areas of the business, allowing processes that were carried out by hand to become automated, enabling our employees to concentrate on their core skills.

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