3d modelling and simulation screen

CTE are pleased to announce that we have developed our own in house Hydroforming process, due to customer demand and the ability to apply this process across various sectors, CTE have undertaken a research and development program to enable us to offer this process to our customers.

Hydroforming has always been viewed as available only to customers who have large budgets and long lead times, and we felt that this shouldn’t be the case. With our in-house process, our lead times will reduce to a matter of weeks, whilst also reducing the tooling costs substantially, making the process viable for low volume parts.

With our CAD design capability and new simulation software we will be able to take a CAD file and simulate the hydroforming process before any material has been touched, providing the customer with an in-depth analysis of the finished part, including potential thinning or areas of high stress. With the simulation, we will be able to adjust the tooling to best form the desired shape, helping to eliminate costly tooling re-works.

Checking that the parts conform to the required shape will be straight forward with the use of our 7 Axis Romer Arm that includes a scanning head. Final inspection reports of the formed shapes will be compared directly to the CAD data, with the results provided using a colour mapping system that will allow us to easily spot any non-conformance.

Additional equipment for the workshop has already been delivered, and we expect the process to be fully operational in the Autumn.

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